Friendswood HS Gym Vandalized


A pair of teens vandalized the Friendswood high school gym. Police report the pair used fire extinguishers to spray the gym causing thousands of dollars in damage. The incident happened on July 4 around 4:02 p.m. A fire alarm was set off and police and rescue crews rushed to the scene. When they arrived the crews noticed the white powder causing a haze in the girl’s gym where the fire alarm was set off.

Fire extinguishers were scattered all around the gym. The first responders noted that the teens coasted the walls, scoreboards, goals, and floors. After checking the security camera the school officer was able to id the two teens (13-year-olds).  The parents were called and the teens were charged with felony mischief. Officers took the culprits to the Galveston County Juvenile Justice Center.

In total the vandalism accounted for more than $7,600 in damage to the school.

About Friendswood High School

Friendswood High School is an open optional school situated in Friendswood, Texas, United States.

Friendswood High School is a 6A instructive office which serves grades 9 through 12 and is a piece of the Friendswood Independent School District.

A large portion of the city of Friendswood is inside Friendswood ISD and is zoned to Friendswood High School. All understudies in Friendswood ISD government-funded schools go to Friendswood High School.

Since 2007, the principle has been Mark Griffon.

The Friendswood Independent School District was set up on December 21, 1948. The locale covers 15 square miles (39 km2) and outskirts the Alvin, Pearland and Clear Creek school regions.

What is a Mischief Felony?

Criminal mischief has likely been around for whatever length of time that individuals have possessed individual property. Whenever a man harms another person’s property without the proprietor’s authorization, that is criminal naughtiness. Criminal fiendishness is otherwise called pernicious wickedness, vandalism, harm to property, or by different names relying upon the state.