HOA Problems, Our Solutions


Is the homeowners ASSOCIATION sending you notices?

One of the most common issues that we see is homeowners getting notices from their local Homeowners Association (HOA). Typically the notices go something like this: Dear (First name), please take notice that the association has received information that you are in violation of the above rules. Etc., etc., etc.,

These violations can range from oil spots on your driveway to mold on your siding. The most common violations we see are mold on the exterior of your home, dirty driveways or sidewalks, noticeable oil stains, or rust stains on your siding or decks. Getting a warning from your HOA can be stressful and scary, but don’t worry! South Coast Pressure Washing has your back.

We provide pressure washing and power cleaning solutions that will remove these unsightly problems and get your property back on track. Take a look at some of our professional pressure washing and power cleaning solutions to get your home HOA complaint.


house washing

Let’s face it, Houston is humid. This part of Texas has the perfect hot and wet climate that promotes mold growth, and many HOAs are very strict when it comes to any kind of green mold or discoloration on home siding. It’s a big no-no in many neighborhoods!

Thankfully, South Coast Pressure Washing provides house washing services that will clean away the mold and dirt form the side of your home. Not only will our house washing services clean the exterior of your home, it will also help prevent mold form coming back. We use a soft wash process that is safe for your home’s exterior, and we only use professional grade equipment and chemicals that produce professional grade results. Our pressure washing equipment allows us to wash your home from the ground without the use of ladders. Not only is this the safest way to clean your home, it is also the least intrusive, meaning that our crew will do as little as possible to disrupt your day while they are cleaning the exterior of your home. And the chemicals we use are the best in the industry, which means they are safe for your home and plants!

Dirty Driveway

Years of dirt and grime can discolor your driveway and can cause serious damage to it over time. South Coast Pressure Washing uses high pressure and detergents to restore your driveway to near perfect condition. On every driveway we clean, we begin by pre-treating the surface with concrete detergents, which helps boost the cleaning power of our pressure washing and helps restore your concrete (pictured above). After surface cleaning your concrete, we use a water broom to scrub away all the excess dirt and grime. After that, we post-treat the concrete to get it looking like new. This approach whitens the concrete and inhibits mold growth—and it’s a service that certainly separates us from the rest of the pack!

We know that getting a notice from the HOA is a scary and stressful experience. Thankfully, South Coast Pressure Washing is here to help you get HOA compliant. We are a fully licensed and insured exterior cleaning company that is family owned and operated. Let us show you the South Coast difference!