How to Pick Pressure Washing Companies in Houston, Texas


Picking a trustworthy and reliable pressure washing company in Houston, Texas to clean your property can be a difficult task. Some of the most common questions that come up from Houston property owners are the following:

  • Is my property going to be damaged from the high pressure?
  • If my property is damaged can I count on your company to make the repairs or pay for them?
  • Do you guarantee your pressure washing work?
  • Is your pricing competitive in the Houston market?
  • Why should I pick you to be my pressure washing service company?

Starting with the first question, is my property going to be damaged from the high pressure? When vetting pressure washing companies in Houston the first thing you want to know is if they are going to do damage to your property. One easy way to get an idea if they are or are not is to ask them this question. How do you wash the siding of homes? If you are talking to a Houston pressure washing professional they will answer like this. They will say we use a soft-wash technique that does not use high pressure on your home. We apply low pressure and professional grade detergents to clean the siding of your home (this is the safest way and most effective). If the Houston pressure washing company says this you are in big trouble. If they say we use water, high pressure, ladders, and extensions they are most likely going to cause damage to your property. This is a very good indicator they are going to damage your home.

The follow up question is, if my property is damaged can I count on your company to make the repairs or pay for them? The first thing any Houston pressure washing company should say is yes, we are fully insured. Some pressure washing companies in Houston will say they will repair the property themselves or that they can guarantee they will not damage anything. This is not the company you want to do business with. You want to do business with the Houston pressure washing company that is fully insured. Do not trust one of your most expensive investments to a company that is not insured. Also, make sure they have enough insurance to cover the costs of the area they are cleaning if something goes wrong. A lot of pressure washing companies in Houston will by the minimal coverage. One easy way to weed out the armatures from the professionals is to ask them if they do commercial projects. Commercial projects demand good insurance.

After these first two questions a good one is, do you guarantee your work? Some pressure washing companies in Houston do not. This is because they do not want to be accountable for their cleaning results. They will leave streaks, miss spots, and will not follow up with their clients. Make sure you pick the company that does guarantee their results. The ones that do will do pre-walks of the property with the owners/maintenance mangers and take notes making sure to get every detail of the project down. This pre-walk is very important to educate the clients and to set expectations. After the company finished the cleaning project they will do a post-walk going over the areas and pointing out spots that might need a little more attention.

Pricing is always a big issue! Make sure to ask the pressure washing companies in Houston if they are competitive. Ask them how they calculate their pricing. Lots of armature companies like to just pull numbers from nowhere. The professional will charge based on square footage and the cleaning application for your specific needs. I would also suggest getting multiple quotes. Make sure to compare these quotes based on value. Some times picking the lowest bid is not always the right choice and can cause big issues like property damage or bad end results.

One questions I would always ask is, why should I pick your company from my pressure washing needs. Make sure the owner/operator has a strong value proposition. Do not hire a company that can not tell you why they are better than their competition. Make pressure washing companies in Houston earn your business.

After reviewing these questions, you can make an educated choice on what company you are going to pick. If you are looking for pressure washing services in the Houston, Texas area please reach out to South Coast Pressure Washing. We can honestly answer any question and provided the best customer service in the industry. Our direct number is 281-705-5335.


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