How to use soap with pressure washer?

How to use soap with pressure washer

One of the common questions when pressure washing is, how to use soap with pressure washer. One of the key factors to getting a professional cleaning is using soaps. What soaps do you use and how to apply them. Homeowners can only access consumer grade detergents and typically do not have the right equipment to apply the soaps. This article is a quick guide for giving you the information you need to make the best desition for your cleaning project.

How to inject detergent into your pressure washer?

Homeowners often buy pressure washers from stores like HomeDepo or Lows and they come with a siphon tube for soaps and detergents. This siphon tube will suck the chemicals in the pressure washing pump and out the spray gun. This practice will hurt your pressure washing pump and many times cause the pump to fail. On these customers grade me machines to replace the pump cost more than the machine. I would not suggest using this siphon tube.

Downstream Injection

Downstream injection is the process of adding the pressure washing soaps to the pressure washing after the pump, hence the name downstream. You can look up several products by googling downstream injector. The pros of this method are that the chemicals never touch the pressure washing pump. The cons are that you have to have a machine with specific specs for the injector to work. Make sure to reach the manufacturer recommended specs before buying. Also, the chemicals will be going through your high-pressure hose and high-pressure gun, this will lead to replacing the equipment at a sooner time.


Similar to the downstream injector. This product sucks the soaps up at the end of your pressure gun, like a nozzle.

Using a pro for pressure washing

South Coast Pressure Washing always recommend using our professional cleaning services for your project. For the time and price its a no-brainer to hire a local professional