How To Pick A Pressure Washing Company?

Picking a pressure washing company, specifically a TX pressure washing company can be a nerve-racking task. Property owners are thinking, will this be a lot of money? Will high-pressure cause damage to the exterior of my home? Will my cleaning tec provide excellent service? And more questions pop up. This article will guide property owners, teaching them to pick the best pressure washing company that provides a great service at an affordable rate. Increase the curb appeal of your property and put your mind at ease.

First Step: What Pressure Washing Services?

The very first step is to identify what you want to be cleaned on your property. Pressure washing services can include driveway, walkway, window cleaning, house washing, house siding cleaning, decks, fences, clearing of dirt and grime, roof cleaning, and more services. Services that includes the use of a pressure washer (cold water) and services that include the use of a power washer (hot water). Walk around the exterior of your home and pick out the services you need. If you do not know what services you need, get your pressure washing company to walk your property and create a quote for you based on what they see. One tip is to ask your pressure washing company if you get a discount by bundling services. Lots of service companies would rather stay at one property and perform multiple tasks compared to driving around for multiple small tasks. If you can not afford to get everything done at once prioritize the cleaning services that will make the most impact on your property. Once you figure out what services you want we can move on to the second step, finding the right company for the job.

Matching Pressure Washing Company To Services Needed

Not all pressure washing companies offer the same services and if they do offer the same services they are not all experts at that specific service. Below I am going to provide vetting questions for common services. These questions will help you find the best company for your personal needs.

Driveway Cleaning

Pressure Washing Company Driveway

What equipment do you use to clean a driveway? What psi and gallons per minute does your pressure washer produce? What is your cleaning process?

Starting with the first question listed, what equipment do you use? The best pressure washing company for driveway cleaning will use an industrial grade pressure washer, a surface cleaner, and detergents to clean your driveway. Watch out for companies that use a pressure washer that you can buy at Home Depot. If they are using a wand on your driveway that’s a bad sign. Lots of unprofessional companies will not use detergents.

Next, psi and gallon per minute of the washer? If they are not using more than 2500 psi and are above 4 gallons per minute that’s a big red flag. If the power cleaning tec does not know this information that’s an even bigger red flag.

What is your cleaning process? The professional will answer as follows, first pre-treat the driveway with detergents. After treatment, high-pressure water via surface cleaner. Lastly, post-treatment with detergents. Ask the company about excess dirt and how they deal with that.

House Washing

Pressure Washing Company House Washing

Do you know what soft washing is? Do you use ladders? What detergents do you use?

Soft washing is the process of using low pressure to clean the exterior of your home. Washing and soft washing are entirely two different services. Make sure your cleaning tec soft washes your house. High pressure will cause damage!

If your pressure washing company is using ladders odds are they are using high pressure on the siding of your house. This will damage it. Ladders also increase the risk of an accident. Professional companies use high-quality machines to reach high up so they do not need ladders to soft wash your home.

Detergents are the most important factor in cleaning your home. Make sure they know what they are using. Most of the time if you can buy the detergent from Walmart that a good sign they are not using the best products in the industry.

Pressure Washing Companies Should Have?

Insurance, mistakes can cost the homeowners big time, make sure your pressure washing company has insurance. Also, ask them how much their insurance covers. Unfortunately, lots of upstart pressure cleaning services are not insured and you could pay the price for their mistakes. Have them email over their proof of insurance.

Experience in the industry. Ask them how long they have been in business for. If they just started think about picking another company.

Certificate of training. Ask them where they cleaned how to clean your property. Make sure they have been certified and professionally trained.

The Bottom Line

Make sure to follow this guide and pick the right company for the job. I have heard horror stories about splash and dash companies that cost the homeowner big. South Coast Pressure Washing can answer all the questions listed above in a professional way. We have a 100% guarantee policy and a 5-star rating on Google, Facebook, Nextdoor, and Yelp. We are subject matter experts in our industry, producing blog posts and video on a weekly basis. Full out this form below for a free quote.

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