Pressure Cleaning Services

Pressure Cleaning services are services provided by a pressure washing company that can include driveway pressure cleaning, sidewalk pressure cleaning, house pressure cleaning, and more. Pressure cleaning services can drastically change the way your home looks and can add value to your property. If you have black stains on your driveway or mold on the side of your house the HOA can send you notices.

Pressure Washer

Use pressure washers to clean your property. Power washers use high pressure to remove dirt, grime, and mold from the surfaces of your property. Pressure cleaners can inject cleaning detergents into their high-pressure stream to provide enhanced cleaning services that will kill organic material and remove oil stains. There are two general types of pressure washers, one being hot-water the other being cold water. Cold-water pressure washers are what we first think of when referring to pressure washers and hot-water units are typically called power washers. The benefits of cold-water pressure washers include low-cost, low maintenance, very portable, and easy to find at stores. Also. electric pressure washer offers a light duty option and they are normally cold water.

Power Washer

Hot-water pressure washers or power pressure washer mainly used in industrial pressure cleaning services. They are typically mounted on a skid and require big engines. They use big diesel burners that the pressure cleaning service tech can change the temperature based on the application. The pros of having a power washer include enhanced cleaning power, saving money on detergents, deep cleaning, and the ability to clean industrial equipment.

Pressure washing services:

Window Cleaning
o Perfect streak-free results, does not require a pressure washer or power washer
Stucco Cleaning
o Removal of mold and dirt, uses cold-water pressure washer, low pressure, and detergents
Gum Removal
o Typically, commercial only applications, hot-water power washer, detergents, and high pressure
Dumpster Pads
o Rust and grease removal, hot-water power washer, rust removal chemicals, and industrial degreasers
Brick Restoration
o Dirt, mold, calcium build-up removal, cold-water pressure washer, and low-pressure application
Wood Restoration
o Mold and dirt removal, cold-water pressure washer, detergents and brighteners, lower pressure application
Graffiti Removal
o Paint removal, high pressure if possible, hot-water power washer, chemical application
Rust Removal
o Rust spots/ rust build ups, chemical application
Oil Removal
o Motor oil cleaning, hot-water power washer, high pressure, agitation, detergents
House Washing
o Organic mold and mud/ dirt removal, low pressure, cold-water pressure washers, detergents
Roof Cleaning
o Black streaks of mold and lichen, cold water small pump, detergents
Building Washing
o Removal of organic material and dirt, low-pressure pressure washer, detergents, lifts or ladders if needed
Concrete Cleaning
o Black stans or mud, high-pressure pressure washer, detergent
Driveway Cleaning
o Black stans or mud, high-pressure pressure washer, detergent


High Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Cleaning Services require two types of applications, one being high pressure. High pressure is used on hard surfaces that can withstand the pressure and not be damaged. Concrete, rocks, hardwoods, and pavers are examples of surfaces that will hold up to high-pressure cleaning. A common mistake is that every cleaning application needs high pressure. Most of the time detergents and low pressure is the answer. The pressure per square inch is 2500-5000.

Low Pressure

The second application is low-pressure cleaning. Lower pressure is the safest and least destructive method. Low pressure uses detergents and agitation to successfully clean the area. Low pressures are commonly used on soft wood, siding of houses, and commercial buildings. The pressure per square inch is 100-500. To get a good idea of the power of low-pressure cleaning think of the pressure coming out of a garden hose and double that.

Looking for cleaning services?

If you are looking for cleaning services please contact South Coast Pressure Washing. We are the best pressure washing company in the industry. Great customer services and guaranteed results are some things you can expect from us. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and provide great value to our customers. The return on investment is very high when using us, we keep cost low and provide professional results. On average a homeowner will spend five to fifteen hours when they decide to pressure washer their homes themselves. The homeowner will have to buy or rent a pressure washer or a power washer. South Coast Pressure washing can complete your pressure cleaning services in one-fourth of the time and offer low prices.

More information

For more information on pressure cleaning and pressure washing please check out our blog and video section. South Coast Pressure Washing is the industry expert and we welcome any questions or comments. You can also find examples of our work by checking out the “OUR WORK” sections of our website. We are featured on Wikipedia and other major online platforms have published or cited or content.

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