Pressure Washing Near Me, How to Find Good Contractors

One the most common searches is pressure washing near me. This is because home owners and property managers are consistently seeking high-quality Houston pressure washing services (local for us). Finding the best service provider is not always the easiest task. Some DIYers even take the task on themselves because they are reluctant to hire a pressure washing company. Most of the time they are reluctant because they want to save money or they do not want their property getting damaged. Everyone has heard of cleaning contractors taking advantage of their clients and not meeting their expectations. This article will be going over tips and tricks when hiring a pressure washing company in your area. Do not let cleaning contractors take advantage of you! 

Pressure Washing Near Me

When you are searching for pressure washing near me and find Houston pressure washing services make sure you vet the company you pick. I wrote a good article on this and you can click on it here, HOW TO PICK PRESSURE WASHING COMPANIES IN HOUSTON, TEXAS. To give you the brief version of the article basically the homeowner or property manager need to consider these factors:

Is my property going to be damaged by the high pressure?

High pressure can cause a ton of damage to your property, even if the “professional” is using a homeowner grade pressure washer. Most pressure washers will strip away paint from the siding of your home and the bigger washers will cause structural damage to the interior of your property. I always recommend soft washing your house. Soft washing is the use of low pressure and detergents to clean your exterior. If the pressure washing company is not familiar with this term that’s a BAD sign.

If my property is damaged can I count on your company to make the repairs or pay for them?

Pressure washers do not come with insurance, so make sure to hire a company that has it. Ask them if they have insurance and how much do they have. I would recommend picking a pressure washing company that has over one million dollars of coverage. Also, ask the company what all is covered. If you are having your commercial property washed make sure your building is not too tall. Most pressure washing insurance only covers so many levels of the building.

Do you guarantee your pressure washing work?

This is one of the simples questions on should ask. Make sure they guarantee their work. My company South Coast Pressure Washing will come back to your property and re-clean the whole area if you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning. Also, if the dirty and mold comes back before our guarantee date we will come back! Do not let cleaning contractors get away with it!

Is your pricing competitive in the Houston market?

Get a couple of quotes before deciding on who is pressure washing your property. I recently bid a job at $380 dollars and won the bid. My competitors bid over $1000 for the same job. I did not underbid the cleaning project, my competitors over bid it! It’s like buying a car before looking up the review and price.

Why should I pick you to be my pressure washing service company?

Make the company win your business. If they can not tell you why they are the best company for you, move on to the next one.

The five questions above will give you an idea if this is a Houston pressure washing service you want to use. I suggest writing these questions down and having the company answer the questions on the phone or come to the property you are having cleaned. Also, another pro tip not in the original article is to ask for a test spot to be cleaned. This will give you a good idea of what the final product will look like and the overall knowledge of the pressure washing tech.

Now, lets jump right into the DIYers who want to pressure wash themselves. What happens is they go on google and search pressure washing near me and see a bunch of photos of home owners pressure washing with a residential grade pressure washer. The think “Hey this looks easy!”, well, it’s not. I was speaking to a co-worker today that told me he bought the same unit the DIYer is looking at getting (I think he is a DIYer haha) and it took him four hours to finish four sections of his driveway. At first, I thought, wow that is not bad at all…. He showed me the photos of the four sections and it was only 20% of his driveway! Let’s break this down, he spent around $500 on a new pressure washer and spent four hours cleaning 20% of his driveway. What if he would have paid a the pressure washing near me guy (South Coast Pressure Washing)? South Coast Pressure Washing would only charge him $150-$200 for that project and it would only take us a couple of hours.

bad pressure washing

This photo is from a bad DIYer

I am not bashing the DIYer, I am actually going to write some articles in the near future to help them. One thing I told my Co-worker is to make sure to post-treat the area after he is done pressure washing. A lot of DIYers do not do this and guess what happens? The mold and dirt come back. When you use a cold water pressure washer on concrete you are removing the dirt and spreading around the mold spore, meaning they are going to grow back. By post treating with detergents you kill the mold spores and by doing this your driveway will stay cleaner for a longer period of time. The DIYer spends $500 and approximately 8 hours to clean their driveway. They do not use detergents which do not kill the mold and it grows back quicker, the process is a never ending cycle!  I suggest just spending the money to have a professional do it for you. Also, look to my blog for future tips for the DIYer.

Property damage can cost you big time! This is one of the biggest red flags when someone types in pressure washing near me. They do not want one of their biggest investments to be damaged and lose value. Every grade A pressure washing company will have insurance. If they damage or break something the insurance will cover it. Go back to my article linked in the second paragraph or more information on that. Also, not to beat a dead horse here but the DYIer has no insurance. If they break it they buy it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I look forward to sharing more information on pressure washing and how to clean residential and commercial property. If you have any topics you are interested in or questions please contact South Coast Pressure Washing by clicking this link. Also, if you don’t mind sharing or linking to us we would really appreciate it.

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