Professional Driveway Cleaning

Why Do You Need Professional Driveway Cleaning?

Driveways naturally get very dirty over time. Our driveways get hammered by natural elements, rubbed by our car/truck tires, and spilled on. Concrete driveways and other types can crack over time if left untreated. Using a professional driveway cleaning services can save you financially and increase the value of your home. In this article, I am going to go over why professional driveway cleaning can save you the headache of replacing your driveway, increases the value of your home, and overall save you time and money.

professional driveway cleaning

Replacing Your Driveway Is A Big Pain In The Butt

If you leave your driveway unattended you will have to eventually replace it. Over time dirt and mold seep into cracks creating bigger cracks. The mold and dirt naturally expand and separate, this over time crates big areas of your driveway to come apart. Professional Driveway Cleaning experts at South Coast Pressure Washing recommend that you power wash your driveway every two years. Remember not all pressure washers are the same. Make sure your concrete cleaning company uses detergents or you will have to clean every year.

Cost Of Replacing A Driveway?

FIXR estimates that the cost to replace a typical two-car driveway without turns or inclines/declines is around $3,040. That $3,000 plus is for concrete driveways. If you have a brick paver driveway the cost to replace skyrockets to $11,630 and regular paving is $14,880! Let’s compare that to a getting your driveway regular maintained by a professional driveway cleaning company. To get your driveway professionally cleaned the average price is $200. The concrete cleaning service will last two years if properly done. Calculating the cost of the concrete cleaning vs concrete driveway replacement you could have your driveway cleaned 15 times over 30 years.

How Professional Driveway Cleaning Can Increase The Value Of Your Home?

I know what some of you are thinking after reading that you can get your concrete driveway professionally cleaned 15 times over 30 years for the same price as replacing it. You are thinking, Why can’t I just get it replaced every 30 years? If you leave your driveway unattended it will decrease the value of your home. Realtors say that having a clean driveway will increase the curb appeal of your property. They estimate that a clean home can have an increased value of 10% compared to dirty homes. If you are not keeping up with driveway cleaning your property is losing value! Getting professional driveway cleaning is a no-brainer.

Should I Clean My Own Driveway Or have The Pros Do It?

Lots of homeowners first thought is, I will clean my driveway myself. They say, pressure washing is a simple task and I will save money over the long term. First off I want to say that I am not bashing the do it yourself, that’s how I got into the power washing business. I do want to be transparent with you and state the facts. On average a residential pressure washer will cost $300-$600, this does not include other expenses like gas, accessories, and more. Using a residential pressure washer well take your hours and hours to properly clean a concrete driveway (even longer if the driveway is made out of pavers). When first started out It took me up to 6 hours to properly clean a driveway. Now that I have invested in commercial grade power washing equipment and learned what the best detergent are it takes me on average 2 hours to clean a concrete driveway. When you add up how much time every year you will be spending to clean your driveway it’s a better investment to higher a local pressure washing professional.

Special Driveway Cleaning Services

Another advantage of hiring a professional is special driveway cleaning services that include oil removal, mold removal, and rust removal. Getting an oil stain on your driveway is very frustrating and it takes a lot to remove it. The typical homeowner will go to home depot or somewhere similar and look for oil removing chemicals. They will use the chemicals on the affected area and they will get mediocre results. Most of the time the oil stain will still be prominently there and worst casinerio the HOA will send you a notice. Professional pressure washing companies will have oil remove chemicals you can not find on the shelves. The oil stain will be completely removed.

Mold will not be cleaned off the surface of your driveway by just using high-pressure water. Professional driveway cleaning services will use detergents to kill all the organic material off the surface of your concrete. Also, an added benefit of this is that your driveway will stay cleaner longer. The detergents will seep into your concrete and prevent organic material like mold from growing back as fast. High pressure from a power washer just spreads the mold spores around and does not take care of the problem.

Rust removal requires special training to prevent damage and guarantee cleaning results. Rust removal chemicals can be toxic and cause serious damage to your home. Lets the pros handle this!

South Coast Pressure Washing Is Your Driveway Cleaning Professional

We have been cleaning driveways for over 10 years and we guarantee our cleaning results. We use commercial grade pressure washers and detergents. Safety and great customer services are what we are known for. Please send us a message today or give us a call. We would love to win your business.