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Do NOT Trust an amateur With Your Biggest Investment

South Coast Pressure Washing, located in Houston, Texas, is a fully licensed and insured pressure washing company. We use professional grade equipment to produce professional grade results.

Hiring an amateur can cost you big time! Your home is one of your biggest investments, but having an inexperienced team pressure wash your home often results in damage and poor results. Save yourself the headache and go with the professional choice.

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The photo above is an example of striping. This happens when someone uses a wand and a residential grade pressure washer on concrete. This approach can etch the concrete, causing lifelong damage to the surface. But at South Coast Pressure Washing, we use only professorial grade surface cleaners combined with our industrial pressure washer on all of our concrete projects. In addition, we pre-treat and post-treat using high-end concrete detergents. This unique approach allows us to deliver perfect results, every time. It’s the professional touch that makes a difference.

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We offer a wide variety of commercial pressure washing and residential exterior cleaning services, including patios, fence restoration, rust removal, gutters, driveways, restaurants, investment properties, storefronts, parking lots, drive-thrus, and more.

We are a fully insured and licensed company with many years in the industry. We guarantee quality results every time, and we can make this guarantee because we are well-trained professionals who use only industrial grade equipment. But most important of all, we take pride in the details! Our goal is to earn your trust and continued business by offering exceptional services, professionalism, and friendliness in every interaction with you.

Have questions or concerns? Ensuring your trust and comfort with our company is our top priority. Never hesitate to click, call, or chat with us.