Residential Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing services are broken down into two different categories: residential pressure washing services and commercial pressure washing services. In this article, I will cover residential pressure washing services. I will explain what it is, what services are included in residential work, how to prep before the cleaners come, and what vetting questions you should ask the pressure washing company. By the end of this, you should be able to identify what you need to be cleaned and how to pick the best pressure washing company in your area. Do not let an amateur cause significant damage to one of your biggest investment. Let a professional add value to your property. First, what does residential pressure washing really mean?

What Is Residential Pressure Washing?

Residential pressure washing is the process of using a pressure washer to clean privately owned homes and surrounding areas. Residential work typically uses the homeowner’s water supply and cost ranges from $100 to $2000. Residential jobs do not typically need hot-water pressure washing and are mainly cleaned using cold water pressure washing. These projects need the best detergents in the industry and require proper training to deliver professional results. Quickly let’s go over what commercial pressure washing services are so we can compare the two.

What is commercial pressure washing services?

Commercial pressure washing services are cleaning projects that are being professionally done at a place of business. South Coast Pressure Washing has cleaned several commercial properties including, churches, restaurants, and storefront. Commercial pressure washing project often times require special equipment such as hot water pressure washers and special man lifts to reach the area need to be cleaned. Also, commercial pressure washing requires better insurance policies. One quick tip I give to a homeowner is that if the pressure washing company you are choosing for your house has insurance that covers commercial properties the company should have plenty of coverage for your house.

Residential Pressure Washing Services List:

Residential Sidewalk Pressure Washing 

residential pressure washing services sidewalk

South Coast Pressure Washing uses a cold-water pressure washer, surface cleaner, and detergents to clean residential sidewalks. We pre- and post-treat the residential sidewalks with detergents. Using this process, we are able to remove and kill the organic material and dirt that had builds up on pavement over the years.

Residential Driveway Pressure Washing

residential pressure washing services driveway

Driveway pressure washing is similar to sidewalks. South Coast Pressure Washing uses a cold-water pressure washer, surface cleaner, and detergents to clean residential driveways. In addition to using detergents to kill organic material such as mold, we use degreasers when need to remove oil stains.

Residential House Washing 

residential pressure washing services house wash

Never use high pressure on your homes! South Coast Pressure Washing uses a low-pressure soft-wash process to clean residential houses. We use house washing detergents and low pressure to safely clean off years worth of dirt and mold from the exterior of your house.

Residential Deck Pressure Washing

residential pressure washing services deck

To clean residential decks, we use a similar technique as the house washing process (i.e. no high pressure). South Coast Pressure Washing uses a combination of low pressure and detergents to help coax your deck back to its original glory. After pre-treating the deck, we use a fan-tipped nozzle which allows us to clean with the grain of your deck to avoid stripping. To complete the cleaning, we apply a brightner to the wood to ensure it will stay cleaner, longer.

Residential Fence Cleaning 

This process mirrors the residential deck pressure washing technique. We apply a wood cleaning detergent, pressure wash using low-pressure while following the grain, and complete the process by applying a wood brightener.

Residential Rust Removal 

residential pressure washing services rust

Many homeowners have rust on their driveway, home exterior, or windows. We use the best chemicals in the industry to remove rust spots and restore your home to its natural beauty. South Coast Pressure Washing also identifies the source of the rust for future prevention.

Residential Roof Cleaning 

Do you have black streaks on your roof? South Coast Pressure Washing uses a special roof cleaning detergent and low pressure to make your roof look brand new.

What Should Home Owners Ask Before They Hire a Pressure Washing Company?

  • Do they have pressure washing insurance?
  • Do they use high pressure when cleaning roofs or homes?
  • What detergents do they use and where do purchase them from?
  • Why should I pick your pressure washing company?

How to Prep your Residential Property for cleaning

Make a list of areas you want your cleaning technician to focus on. Walk around these areas prior to the technicians arrival and be sure to remove all furniture and items that might be in the way. Make your way around your home and ensure all windows are shut and sealed to prevent leakage from the washer.

What To Do When the Technician Arrives

When your technician arrives, go over your list of areas you would like focused on.. Walk your property with them and point out problem areas. Be sure they understand your expectations!


Seabrook Pressure Washing Services

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South Coast Pressure Washing Answers to Vetting Question

1.    We are fully licensed and insured up to two million dollars on residential pressure washing services and commercial presser washing jobs. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy to all of our customers.

2.    South Coast Pressure Washing does not use high pressure on roofs, houses, decks, awning, or fences. We use a soft wash process and detergents the clean delicate surfaces.

3.    Our detergents come from pressure washing suppliers all over the world. South Coast Pressure Washing uses the best detergents for concrete, oil stains, rust removal, house washing, and more.

4.    You should pick us because we provide the best customer service and produce amazing cleaning results (just look at our reviews!). South Coast Pressure Washing has strong core values and is a contractor you can trust.

Let South Coast Pressure Washing win your business today!