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Driveway pressure washing

The curb appeal of a handsome home begins with its driveway. Driveway pressure washing services are the most powerful and cost-effective way to remove years of dirt and grime from the front of your home and immediately lifts filth from your driveway, leaving only a pristine, immaculate surface that looks brand new. A professional pressure washer rejuvenates your driveway in under an hour, and is instrumental to the health and appearance of your home for the following reasons –

Say Goodbye to Mold and Dirt

Whether you live in a humid area or a mild climate, penetrative black mold, dirt, mildew, and green algae infiltrate the pores of your driveway. Surrounding foliage can be a determining factor, and any nearby plant life can easily transfer harmful, degenerating agents onto your driveway. Concrete over time can develop tiny cracks from ground shifts, but the dirt and mold that spreads and sinks into these small fissures can freeze and widen these cracks, creating a rough, torn up appearance that can only be prevented by strong detergents and pressure washing.

Extend Life

Dirt and mold aren’t the only harbingers of a tired, lifeless driveway. Grime from large and small automobiles, rainwater and humidity seeping into cracks and freezing, and penetrating sun rays all contribute to driveway degradation. Additional cracks can occur when erosive automobile fluid leaks onto your driveway and freezes, tearing small crevices across your concrete. Combating these attacks with a pressure washer once a year will reinvigorate your driveway and turn back the clock.

Quick Way To Add Value

Adding value to your home was never so easy. A lifeless, dilapidated driveway reduces the value and diminishes the appearance of your home, and using driveway pressure washing in Houston is a simple, seamless way to elevate your home’s appearance and add value. Excrement and mold that sinks into the surface of your driveway and builds up over time looks unkempt, and using pressure washing services will powerfully remove stains and discolorations, giving the appearance of a brand new driveway.

Our Driveway Pressure Washing Process

Our professional washing process is quick, streamlined, and will have your driveway looking spotless in less than an hour.

South Coast Pressure Washing first pre-treats your driveway with powerful detergent to kill all surface mold and loosen up surface dirt. After pre-treating, we use our professional grade cold water pressure washer to apply high-pressure streams to your driveway and follow up with a second post-pressure treatment of our detergent to further assure complete removal of mold and damaging agents. We complete our cleaning process by using a professional water broom to clear your driveway of leftover dirt and water.


  • Professional grade equipment
  • Post and pre-treating with detergents
  • Water brooming leftover dirt

To maintain a clean driveway free of cracks and mold, it is recommended to hire a professional driveway pressure washing services company once a year. Up the value and health of your home with pressure washing services in Houston, and bring your driveway back to life!