Wood Cleaning Services In Houston, Texas

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Restore your deck, fence, or awning to its natural beauty

Most people have a wooden deck or fence outside their house. It may have looked great when it was first installed, but over a few seasons, chances are the wood had dried out and started to discolor. Some types of wood are more susceptible than others, but some common results of the drying process are:


•      Twisting

•      Cracking

•      Warping

•      Shrinking

•      Splitting


Drying is a natural process and you cannot stop it from happening. However, there are many ways that you can extend the life of your deck or fence. Addressing the accumulated dirt and grime that builds up in the grain is particularly important.

Most homeowners prefer to wash their deck and fence regularly when they are watering the plants, but this does not address the dirt deep in the wood grain, and frequent shallow washings can actually speed up the growth of mildew and algae. At South Coast Pressure Washing, we specialize in cleaning out the nooks and crannies of your deck to help protect the wood and extend its lifetime by many years. Here are some of the steps we take when professionally washing your deck in Houston:



1.        We remove all the obstacles that might cause of injury or tangling of hoses.

2.        We remove any loose debris from the deck surface.

3.        We cover all the fixtures, electrical components, and plants that might get damaged by detergents.

4.        We ensure all that doors and windows are closed and sealed.

5.        We keep the pressure washer in safe area while we are washing.

6.        We pay attention to the direction of the wind to minimize overspray.

7.        We follow all the safety rules and regulations to assure that nothing will be damaged in your house.

8.        We maintain varying levels of pressure and different dilutions of detergent depending on the type of wood. This will ensure that your deck or fence is not damaged during the washing process.



At South Coast Pressure Washing, we follow the guidelines on the correct type of wood detergent and the guidelines for the best distance between the surface and the nozzle. For the best outcomes, we first test the washer in an inconspicuous part of your fence or deck prior to washing.



1.         Apply a wood detergent appropriate for the type of pressure washer in use.

2.         Apply the cleanser from base to top.

3.         Use a utility brush to clean around tight corners as well as between deck balusters.

4.         Apply the washing solution, covering the width of a few planks with each pass.

5.         Use a scour brush for filthy or discolored spots.

6.         Don’t use on surfaces that are hot or in direct daylight.

7.         Allow detergent to stay on the surface for the allotted time.

8.         Don’t let the detergent dry on the surface.

9.         Rinse the detergent as directed.

10.      After you’ve washed off the detergent, let the fence or deck dry for the next 48 hours before applying sealers or stains.




Fence and deck washing in Houston is not an easy task. There are many important things to consider, which is why it is important to only hire professionals like South Coast Pressure Washing. Here are some of the important safety rules to consider.


1.             Know how to rapidly shut off and discharge the pressure washer in case of a problem.

2.             Operate the pressure washer only on a steady surface.

3.             Never leave the nozzle unattended while the pressure washer is running.

4.             Always pay attention to where you are aiming the pressure washer.

5.             When utilizing a pressure washer, or when you are the area of one that is being used, wear suitable eye protection.

6.             Never point a pressure washer at individuals, animals, or plants.

7.             When using detergents, always follow the producer’s guidelines.


Whenever professionals like South Coast Pressure Washing are actively washing your house, please take care not to disturb any hoses or washing equipment, as this may cause damage to either you or your home. It is best to properly follow any instructions that have been given by our expert team because that is the best way you can get reliable results.



Once Fence and Deck Washing Services in Houston is the best way to ensure a long and beautiful life for your fence or deck. Contact us today for an estimate!