5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Pressure Washer


1) Consumer grade machines are too slow. Those machines are not made to perform anything like deck washing or house washing or large area concrete cleaning. What is not explained is that flow/gpm  (gallons per minute) is what does the cleaning, not pressure (measured as psi). Trying to clean your house or deck, for example, with a low flow machine (anything under 4 gpm) would be similar to using a water pic to wash your dishes. It can be done, but your production rate is so slow that you may very well spend a full weekend doing what can be done by a professional (with the proper equipment) in a few hours.

professional equipment

5) Pressure washing machines don’t come with liability insurance. If you damage anything from your siding, to brick mortar, to the paint on your car, you have no recourse but to pay someone to fix it. The few hundred dollars you may have thought you were saving are quickly negated by a bill from a carpenter to replace wood that was shredded with a pressure washer. South Coast Pressure Washing is a highly insured cleaning contractor.  Utilizing experience and proper technique we take every precaution to prevent damage. We don’t live in a perfect world and sometimes, things happen. We stand behind our work with a guarantee of stunning results but, more importantly, we have $1,000,000 in liability insurance to back us up. That’s peace of mind.. and its worth every dollar.

4) Pressure washers are dangerous tools. While we won’t post pictures here of injuries that have occured with careless use, common sense will dictate that water expressed at 2,500+ psi can literally gouge flesh. If you do decide to use a pressure washer, please educate yourself on proper safety protocol. PressurePros, Inc adheres to OSHA established guidelines for safe operational practice.

3) Power washing is hard work. Make no mistake, cleaning four sides of a spindle, one by one across your entire deck rail is grueling. It has to be done slowly and methodically. If you want to wash your house, you will have to climb ladders and make maneuvers that would make even an experienced house painter cringe. Many times a well meaning do-it-yourselfer will say they have more time than money. Can you afford to be out of work for a week or two while you nurse a back injury? Will your employer be happy to hear that you have to be out of work because you fell from a ladder? There are much better ways to save money that won’t risk your livelihood. Spend your time with the kids, go golfing, take a drive through the country with your family. Let company that is experienced and has the right liability insurances do their thing.

2) High pressure can quickly cause major damage.  It is quite easy to rip the siding from your home or force water underneath to the substrate. When water gets behind siding, your problems have just begun. Mold remediation from this type of occurence can cost you $10,000 or more. Any company worth its salt will use the proper biodegradable, landscape friendly cleaners to do the majority of the work. The pressure washer is merely a rinsing tool and is to be adjusted to rarely go over 1000 psi.