What to pressure wash house with?

Pressure washing a house can damage the siding and remove the paint. A common question we get asked is what to pressure wash house with? When cleaning your home make sure to keep these things in mind. Do not use high pressure to clean the siding of your property. Make sure to use the best detergents that will not damage your plants or the exterior of your home. I suggest having South Coast Pressure Washing inspect your home and provide a quote for your cleaning project.

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The Question, What to Pressure Wash Your House With?

I suggest using a pressure washing with the specs of 4.5 gallons per minute and 3500 psi or higher. If you use a pressure washer with the specs you will not have to use ladders to apply your detergents. Also, you will need to use a downstream injector and chemical nozzles to apply the soaps. Make sure to use the best chemicals in the industry such as roof snot and 12% sodium hypochlorite. Typically if you use products from the consumer grade store you will have to clean to area multiple times or will not be able to clean the area at all.

What Wiki Tell Home Owners To Do?

Choose a heat day to scrub. If potential, wait to scrub the surface of your home on a heat, dry day. A windy day can cause overspray, which can return on you as you clean. If it isn’t potential to scrub on a heat day, a minimum of stay up for a dry to scrub the surface of your house.

Protect the realm on and around your home. Begin by ensuring all doors and windows square measure closed. Secure them with tape if necessary. place adhesive tape and plastic fabric over outside lighting fixtures, vents, and electrical shops. Move article of furniture removed from the house. cowl plants and shrubbery with plastic fabric.

Use soap and water to get rid of stains. examine your home before you start cleanup. seek for stains that may be clean while not the utilization of a hose or pressure laundry. for many stains, you’ll use a brush, water, and regular wash soap. Scrub the stain till it begins to raise.

Create an answer with gas bleach powder to get rid of mildew. For more durable stains, like mildew, use an answer created out of gas bleach, water, and dishwashing detergent. place a gallon (3.8 L) of water, one-quarter pound (1 L) of gas bleach, and a eighth cup (29.6 mL) of dishwashing detergent during a bucket. Dip a brush within the bucket and scrub the mold till it lifts.

Get A Professional

Using a professional will save you time and money. South Coast Pressure Washing is fully insured and has been cleaning homes for over 4 years.